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About Us

  • Science based training methods 
  • Focused in positive reinforcement
  • Teaching you how to teach your dog
  • A plan on how to bring about the changes YOU want 


  • Each client is a study of one. 
  • Focused on what your specific needs are 
  • Individually tailored training plans 
  • Maximize success, efficiency and functionality! 


B.Sc.H, KPA-CTP (#20758), CCUI, ARCT

Camilla has been an animal lover since she was born and a lucky child whose mother let her accumulate pets like potato chips! Professionally, she found herself a community of amazing positive reinforcement trainers when she took her puppy to puppy class.  She started volunteering and then the opportunity to dive into education and certification came about and the rest is history!  She’s loved her knowledge base from Karen Pryor Academy and makes it a priority to continue her education.  

She’s been a teacher for over ten years, teaching human children aged 5 – 18, adults, and animal/human teams in communication and behaviour. In addition to her KPA-CTP certification, she is also a Certified Control Unleashed Instructor (CCUI). She is in training to become a teaching assistant for Susan Friedman’s Living and Learning with Animals. She is also TAGteach level one certified and currently working on her level two certification. She holds a B.Sc.H in Biology and an ARCT in Speech Arts. 

There are so many ways to get to your perfect dog and Camilla strives to give her clients the most efficient individualized plan to get there. 

Continued education matters!