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Toilet Paper Tubes!  

Something we constantly have a supply of, so why not turn it into a puzzle! 

Paper Tube Dog Enrichment

Easy: Pinch ends together on one side, put treats inside, pinch ends of other side together.

Stuffing Tube Dog Enrichment

Medium: Add a level of challenge by stuffing something with the treats like socks, paper. Keep an eye on your dog and don’t stuff with anything they might swallow! 

Easy Tube Dog Enrichmnent

Difficult: I found that two different types of TP rolls would fit into each other. So I took one and cut slits in the side and pushed the sections into the middle of the tube. 

So when you look at it from the hole, you would see the sections criss cross like this… 

Then slide one into the other and there you go! home made dog toy! 

P.S. Pinch ends together to keep food in longer.